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RiskPlus Program

RiskPlus at our Comprehensive Breast Center works hand in hand with our MammoPlus® Program and the other programs within our centers. If you meet our MammoPlus risk assessment threshold, our RiskPlus team will contact you to answer all of your questions about your risk and to schedule you to meet with our RiskPlus Coordinator.

The RiskPlus Program is designed for:

  • Patients identified as high risk by MammoPlus (either at a Mercy Health location or through another program).
  • Patients at high risk due to a significant family history of breast cancer.
  • Patients with current non-malignant breast disease that puts them at high risk such as atypia or LCIS.
  • Patients who have recently finished treatment for breast cancer – our RiskPlus Program offers custom surveillance for those who want a watchful eye.

Our goal is to assess your risk using state-of-the-art assessment models and then develop treatment recommendations for you, which may include breast MRI, or preventative medication or surgery.

We offer expertise in performing, assessing and scheduling Breast MRI. Breast MRI does not replace other breast imaging such as mammography or ultrasound, but offers additional information for certain patients with a greater lifetime risk. MRI of the breast is similar to other MRI imaging, except patients lie face down. An IV is started before the procedure, as a contrast agent is injected after a few initial images to improve the image of tissue.

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