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3D Mammography

A new option for you.

3D Mammography, also referred to as tomosynthesis, is an imaging procedure that uses low-energy x-rays to create a 3D image of the breasts.

While conventional mammography takes pictures of the breast from two angles — up and down, and left and right — tomosynthesis takes multiple pictures from different angles. Benefits of tomosynthesis include improved imaging for patients with dense breast tissue. Tomosynthesis can also decrease recall rates for screening mammography

Does a 3D Mammogram expose me to more radiation?

A 3D mammogram exposes you to about twice the radiation as a standard digital screening mammogram. The total exposure is equal to that of a traditional film based mammogram. To put your exposure into everyday terms, a mammogram with TOMO is equal to your radiation exposure if you:

  • Flew 2,000 miles
  • Drove 600 miles
  • Rode a bike for 20 miles
  • Breathed the air in Boston or New York City for 4 days

When you factor in that 3D screening mammograms reduce callbacks by more than 50% in addition to false positives and false negatives, the radiation exposure is a minimal concern at best.

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